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Argyle / PSL Leasing Ltd

PSL Leasing Ltd, a member of the Argyle Housing Group supplying London Borough of Ealing property for over 25 years. Our leasing terms are for 3 years with a fixed net rent to you the Landlord without deductions or service charges.

The rent we offer is guaranteed as it is paid to us by Ealing Council during the term; thereby rent insurance will not be required. You will need however to insure the building and have a British Gas Homecare 200 or greater or similar service contract (where applicable).









The rent offered on your property is dependent upon the area reference rent we detail here 3 bands – Inner West London – North West London – Outer West London. If your area is not listed call our offices for more details 020 8742 7858 or contact us by email

When assessing net rent Landlords should take into account, we make no deductions in the rental figure. We point this out as most managing agents charge between 12% to 17.5% for managed services. We lease from you without any charges or deductions, and additionally there is no VAT, meaning a net rent from PSL Leasing Ltd for example of £1600 pcm is equivalent to the headline figure of £2025 pcm seen with general letting agents.

It’s important to get your cash flow predictions correct as a professional Landlord planning for void periods is part of that process. The general consensus is the average tenant stays for 18 months with the average void being 21 days per year and in some areas up to 33 days. A rough rule of thumb void allowance in a normal high street letting should be priced in around the £900 pa averaged over 18 months. When a property is void there are lots of additional costs such as check out referencing costs and check in reports that can no longer be passed on to tenants, also there are bound to be some repairs that need to be done.  There are no void periods in Ealing Council leases.

Free running repairs service: This service has an allowance of 10 man hours per annum. Unlike us, normal high street agents will notify you as the Landlord to fix the maintenance issue or instruct a contractor to carry out your repair, this can quickly add up to £££’s of additional costs to you. If we find a repair does not come under a running repair item, we will inform you prior to instructing a contractor, except in an emergency. When instructing a contractor we do not receive any commission or incentive 

SUBJECT TO SURVEY: Before we lease your property we need to inspect it for suitability, advising of items that will be required by Ealing Council for a successful letting, such as smoke alarms, window child safety locks etc. This inspection service is free of charge and will give you a better idea of how to proceed with a successful letting. The ultimate acceptance of your property to our scheme will be at the decision of the appropriate Ealing Housing Inspector.

If you’re ready for us to inspect your property, please make an appointment by calling 020 8742 7858 or email us with a time to call you.

Don't Be Shy Give Us a Call 020 8742 7858

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.