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Ealing PSL

PSL Leasing Ltd, a member of the Argyle Housing Group supplying London Borough of Ealing property for over 30 years. Our leasing terms are for 3 years with a fixed net rent to you the Landlord without deductions or service charges.

The rent we offer is guaranteed as it is paid to us by Ealing Council during the term; thereby rent insurance will not be required. You will need however to insure the building and have a British Gas Homecare 200 or greater or similar service contract (where applicable).



I have leased properties through Argyle/PSL for  several years. Over this time they have fine tuned their organisation to provide a very  efficient service. 100% reliable as far as the income stream is  concerned, always available at the end of the phone and constantly monitoring and fixing tenant’s problems  in the background so as to minimise landlord inconvenience.”

Les Jakubowski

I felt that I needed to leave this review because I have been with PSL Leasing for many years and hand on heart I can say that the service is absolutely brilliant and worry free. Everyone that I have had contact with have been courteous and very helpful so I would definitely recommend this company.

Hardeep Ghatora

“I have been leasing properties to Argyle Housing and PSL Leasing Ltd at least since 2003 or 2004. The process of leasing a property to PSL Leasing is straight forward and any landlord will find it easy.  

As a landlord I find leasing my properties to PSL gives me peace of mind because the rents are pretty much guaranteed. Also the support of a large housing company like PSL behind me gives me the confidence that my properties are managed & looked after professionally. 
With regards to response to tenants, running repairs and the day to day management of my properties, my experience to date with PSL has been very positive. The staff are very helpful, very knowledgeable and efficient. They always go the extra mile especially when there are repairs & maintenance to deal with. 
I would encourage landlords to consider leasing their properties to PSL if the peace of mind that comes with the support of large housing company and pretty much guaranteed rent is what they are looking for..”
Yunis Abdi

Freequently Asked Questions

West London UK Property Management

West London property management company for your investment property eliminate rent guarantee insurance with PSL’s London housing solutions guaranteed rent scheme. If you’re an investment landlord with houses to rent or flats to rent as private lettings you should have Landlord insurance and rent guarantee insurance to protect your investment income particularly if you have a buy to let mortgage as many lenders require a guaranteed rent scheme in place or rent guarantee insurance. PSL delivers cost effected management for landlord private lettings dealing with the increasingly changing requirements like the new register of private landlords who must join the landlord registration scheme. PSL can secure your investment with a long-term stable blue chip rental revenue stream.

Ealing, Hounslow, Hillingdon & Slough

Argyle PSL and associate private landlords have been providing London housing solutions for private lettings and rent guarantee schemes with Ealing Council for more than 30 years, private landlords and buy to let landlords with properties to rent can join our guaranteed rent scheme and receive a guaranteed rent figure without deductions or commissions with free running repairs*

Can Argyle / PSL manage my property compliance issues?

Yes Argyle PSL can manage your property compliance anywhere within the UK.

GAS Safe, EICR, EPC, Health & Safety, Fire Risk Assessment – 24/7 online occupiers repair reporting service to help protect your property around the clock and save you money. We manage the process of requesting quotes and instructing works to your approved contractors or one selected by us. https://pslleasing.fixflo.com

Does Argyle /PSL have on-line reporting?

Yes, tenants & contractors can report all repairs on-line via our Fixflo maintenance management system, https://pslleasing.fixflo.com with can translate in-to many languages, making a flow of information to with audit trail to keep repairs logged and ultimately resolved.

Can tenants report repair issues by telephone?

Yes, but not encouraged, the issues can get lost in the translation, we keep audit trail logs so its reported correctly https://pslleasing.fixflo.com with reporting languages to overcome communication difficulties. It’s important to record all aspects of the on-going issues.

Can I join your british gas scheeme?

Yes, but there are reasons why you should join our multi premiss contract as the repotting protocols are different to Landlord policy’s. If you have a standard policy, you will need to contact British Gas to activate any repair or arrangement for Gas Safe inspection. You can give the details to your tenant who will need to call British Gas giving your details as Landlord to activate a repair. With our contract our system email multi premiss from https://pslleasing.fixflo.com as a Landlord you cannot! British Gas will then contact us and the tenant directly, stoping backward & forward reporting.

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30 years of housing management

INCOME Guarantee

PSL Leasing your income is guaranteed to us by the local authority. Landlord – PSL Contractor – Council – Social Tenant

On-Line Maintenance

Nationwide Tenant & Contractor reporting within our system https://pslleasing.fixflo.com for all maintenance, repair & compliance

Inspection assessment

We will inspect your property if it’s whin our direct letting area to advise on local authority letting requirements.